[Envato API] Raising the Request Limit ?

I wrote a script that sent out quite a few requests rapidly to the Envato API and got banned after just 75 requests for 5 minutes or so.

Why is that limit so low, and is there a way to raise the limit? 75 requests per minute is a very poor number. I’ve hit WordPress.org API with 3000 requests per minute without an API key and they didn’t even blink.

I have created a web-app that uses Envato API, and in some cases it sends more than 1 request (around 4-5 let’s say) but these were syncronously, because I needed them to be like that. It takes a lot of seconds (30 sec as I remember).
Which is a lot. But hey, it’s their API, it’s their servers, who are we to tell them to install few more servers and also buy some expensive processors for that :)))