Envato API - How to get the user's ID?


For a project I’m working on, I need a way to identify a user even if they change their username and email (using the Envato API).

I can’t find any endpoints that provide the user’s ID. It only provides this information if they’re a buyer, but everyone who uses the project I’m working on likely will not be a buyer. ^^

Anyone have any suggestions?


Following up for any searchers who stumble across this post in the future.

Envato API team has informed me they’ll be working on an endpoint for this. In the meantime, there’s actually one endpoint that will return the user’s ID, regardless of whether or not they’re a buyer.


  "buyer": {
    "id": 1908998,
    "username": "baileyherbert"
  "author": {
    "id": 1908998,
    "username": "baileyherbert"
  "purchases": []