Envato API General Questions

Hello everyone, is there a Topic/Category/Email or Website for Envato API questions. I have a lot of questions about the API and don’t want to open for every Question a Topic. If there is no offical support for the API i will start writing my problems here:

1.) When i call the Statement Endpoint, in some Statements are the Country names cutted off. Like this

"other_party_country": "Palestine, State of",
"other_party_country": "Korea, State of",

seams like they have not increase the limit for the Column in the DB.

2.) Is there way to get the Short code for the Countries or to get the Flag Icon ?

  1. They are not cut off, that’s simply how they are listed.

    Korea, State of = State of Korea
    Palestine, State of = State of Palestine

  2. There’s no shortcode or flag icon for countries as far as I am aware. You’ll need to do this manually.

I ran into some problems with Envato API:

  1. Shows all files a user instead the newest 25. This is a huge problem for the site Photodune
    get /new-files-from-user:{username},{site}.json

  2. Missing landscape_preview (photodune.net)
    get /catalog/item

  3. Empty value for country
    get /user:{username}.json

Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. They’ll forward your issues to the API team. Thanks!

I can’t find anywhere in the Doku, how to verify purchase code in the new API. Is there a link to the old Doku or is it Deprecated ?

Hi @Crodev!

The API is fully documented at https://build.envato.com/api/

On the left sidebar, if you scroll down to “Private User Details”, you’ll see “Look up sale by code”. This is the new endpoint for verifying a purchase code.

I believe the old API is already gone. They deprecated it in September 2015.