Envato API - Commercial purpose use

Today i have seen envato api marketplace app and most of the websites are down or not available now. Only few like ENSEEK and TICKSY.com

I want to know the legal use of envato API when your product is for revenue generation streams like Ticksy. What it does you need to pay to have a support ticket system and Ticksy is totally integrated with Envato API in order to validate user purchase and account verification.

So in simple, we can create web applications/websites by using envato API as part of the system and run the website commercial business purpose like verify theme purchase licenses right?

Please guide :slight_smile:

Hi @webdesignerart!

Please read our API Services Terms and Conditions page (linked to from the top of build.envato.com). There is a “Commercial use” section there which explains how you may use our API in a commercial context.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Great Rossimpson, i read the Envato API commercial use terms, please correct if my understanding is wrong:

You may want to charge people a fee to use your application. It’s okay if you do, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. All paid applications must be made available for purchase through CodeCanyon. This isn’t exclusive (you can also make it available through any other platform or store) will ensure that all of our members can access your application!

I want to use API to verify user theme purchase license, means i don’t have my own plugin is on sell at CodeCanyone, I am making a service to validate user theme purchase license.

Means user can’t use our service without verifying there envato account and theme purchase license key.
Is this allowed right?

  1. You have to comply with any third party terms that apply if you sell your application through another platform.

What are the third-party terms i didn’t get, i am not selling my application on third-party marketplace. I have own service website, a subscription-based model, Which user can have our services only when they authenticate there envato account so we can check theme purchase license status.

Is it normal right?

  1. Make sure that you are complying with the terms of any third-party licence that might apply to other material (like code or graphics) you used to create the application, and check to see that you are allowed to sell a product using that material. You may need to pass along any rights or releases.

I am not selling the product/plugin or packaging any design stuff to follow third-party terms. I have my own consultancy service, but to avail that user need to authenticate there envato account so our system can provide service for there purchase theme if we found theme purchase license details.

Is this allowed right?

My concern is only here especially when user authenticates via envato account we get user details like name, email and item purchase code. And we also want user to register to our platform so next time user will not go via long signjup procedure. So through API we get user: NAME, and EMAIL so we can use it for user registration purposes. So through envato login authentication can we auto signup to user on our platform or ask user to by sharing there Name, email address on signup form that next stage is for registration please check the credentials you may need to change.

I want to use API to authenticate the user and user purchase on my commercial application or digital on demand service.

What your thoughts?

I found Ticksy.com is doing almost same.

Hi @rosssimpson, i am waiting for your response. it will be very helpful for me.


Hi again @webdesignerart,

I need to clarify something here:

When you say that, are you talking about verifying that the user has licensed your theme? Is that the extent of what you’re building? Or are you building a verification system for other authors to use with their themes?

If you’re just building a verification system for a theme you’re selling with Envato, then there’s no requirement to sell it on CodeCanyon (as you’re not selling the verification software).

If, however, you’re writing more generic verification software that you’ll then sell to other authors to use with their own items, then the specifics in paragraph a will apply and you’ll need to sell that software on CodeCanyon. Paragraph c also applies here, and you’ll have to make sure that you’re complying with the license terms of any third-party code or assets that you use to build your software.

If you’re not selling this software on another site/marketplace, then paragraph b doesn’t apply to your situation.

Does that answer your questions? It all comes down to whether you’re just verifying the license of an item you sell, or whether you’re selling the verification itself as the product.

Hi @rosssimpson,

Thanks for the detail explanation but the one scenario is missed which is my situation.

I am building a theme verification system not for my theme actually. Its just to verify that the current user has a theme purchased or not.

This isn’t a plugin or module going to sell in codecanyon.

What i am expressing is for example i have a website which sells HOSTING, in order to buy hosting visitor need to signup for registration on my website. But the only registration is allowed for Envato customers who have valid theme purchase code.

So my hosting customer registration from will have purchase code verifier field or envato account authentication green button. Once user add the item purchase license code or authenticate his/her envato account then user will able to buy WEB HOSTING service.

So in simple my system verify from customer purchase item code that he/she have valid theme purchase license of theme author, NOT MINE.

Then user can be register on my website and avail services.

So in this way:

  • I am not making a module or plugin to sell in codecanyon
  • i will just user envato api to verify user item purchase.
  • I am not going to store user data came from api response, as user will register with his/her name and email details.
  • If user don’t have valid purchase code, so i will redirect user to purchase any theme with my envato affiliate ID.

What’s your thoughts @rosssimpson ?

Hi @webdesignerart,

Sorry for the delay, I had to consult with our legal team. They came to the conclusion that if you are going to use the Envato API in the way you describe, you do need to make your verification system for sale on CodeCanyon. I understand that the validation system isn’t meant for use with items for sale on CodeCanyon, but you still must offer it for sale on CodeCanyon to meet the commercial use terms.

If you have more specific questions, please raise a ticket and we’ll get the right people involved to answer it. Provide a link to this forum thread in the ticket so there’s some context.

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@rosssimpson I am still waiting for your response for my last 2 messages.

I need to in detail please.


Hi @webdesignerart,

I haven’t seen any replies from you since my message from August. If you have any further questions on this topic, you’ll need to submit them through our ticketing system at the link I provided previously. Because the nature of the question is legal, we can’t provide the appropriate response in the forums.