Envato Annual Public Impact Statement 2022?

Will there be an Annual Public Impact Statement 2022? The last one (for 2021) was published in Dec 2021 and we are now in 2023.

Seems so.

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That’s the reply i got from Ben when i asked the same question in the sales monitor.
Technically it should be published in these days.

"We’ve published these in mid December for the last few years, but will be shifting the report back to January (after we’ve completed all reporting from the previous calendar year). I’m not sure of the exact launch date, but you should see the new one in the next couple of weeks.

I’ll put something into the Envato Announcements area once it’s available "


So, if I am not wrong, there is almost no increase in the number of subscribers in 2022 compare to 2021?

Here, on the slide number 3 (bottom of the page) Envato Public Impact Statement 2021 it looks for me like there was 600k+ (like 630k - 650k) subscribers in 2021 and now in 2022 we have 665k+ subscribers but the number of new authors has been increased a lot + no more bonus.

Ok, the numbers from 2022 are until September - after that was a Black Friday - probably the number of subscribers is much bigger now.

I personally don’t believe that subscribers number is relevant for authors.
Our salary growth is not proportional to subscribers growth.
If it was, i should have at least doubled my salary from 2018 with no uploads for 5 years.
Guess what, my salary was higher in 2018 and it definitely didn’t grow as much as subcribers did.

Does anybody here ever witnessed an increase in salary based solely on subscribers growth over the years?

That is the only way how we are earning - from the subscribers - there is no other way. How do you think that the incoming is rise up if the number of subscribers are fixed (the same all the time)? If the number of subscribers goes up - there is a more for all of us in the total share (ok, if some authors leave the Elements - that is the another way how to increase the incoming).

On other side, there is a number of authors which is increasing each year. And that is the point - to keep the total number of authors and total number of subscribers in the balance:

  • more authors (less income for authors) - then Envato should bring more subscribers (promotions, black friday, marketing…)

  • more subscribers (more income for authors) - Envato will invite more authors in Elements

But there is also the other part of all this - how actually “big is a new author” - is a 1 man or a whole agency with 50 employers behind 1 author. So, maybe, the better way is to try to keep the balance between total numbers of items on Elements and new subscribers.

In 2018 there was much less authors (and much less subscribers) but there was more subscribers per author (or per item) than today.

So, here are the numbers:

In 2018 (31 Dec 2018) - total number of assets is 870.000 (you can use web archive) and total number of subscribers is around 100.000 (check here - Envato Public Impact Statement 2021 ). So, there are 8.7 items per 1 subscriber.

In 2021 (31 Dec 2021) - total number of assets is 57.000.000 and total number of subscribers is 650.000. So, there are 87.7 items per 1 subscriber.

If you want to do more math now, and you know how much items you had in 2018 and in 2021 - you can calculate how much was your % in total number of items and actual numbers (income in $).

The point is the total number of items is increase much faster than the number of new/active subscribers and your % in total number of items is going down (because of “big authors” which are submitting a loot of new items and because of the number of new authors).

What you say is right.

We all know there are more metrics to take into consideration, especially the number of authors, which in my opinion is more important than the number of assets available.
Point is that Envato says that they’re working hard to increase the number of subscribers, just like is something that’s going to increase our salary but…it’s not!

How many authors are working on EE?
Because that’s the number of people I have to share each subscriber with.
If EE was really “for a few selected authors” it would be a compleatly different story.

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:wave: Just dropping into this thread to let you know that yes, the report is definitely still on the way. I’ve been trying to get more information on a launch date, but the team members who will be finishing it off are currently out sick, so it will come out later than we had hoped.

On the points raised above, library growth (total number of items) and author growth (total number of people sharing the revenue) are both important factors, but it’s ultimately customer growth that generates the revenue available to share.

Total library size affects earnings in a few different ways. As it increases:

  • Earnings per item may go down, but earnings per author aren’t directly affected by library size: they’re related more closely to the amount of subscriber revenue vs the number of authors.
  • More content can indirectly help to increase the number of paid subscribers, by making the site more attractive compared to competitors, or by reducing the likelihood of a new visitor failing to find relevant content when they search. If they test a few searches and find things they like, they’re likely to subscribe, and the total revenue share increases.

As the number of authors increases, there are more people to share that revenue with, but the Subscriber Share model means you’re only competing with other authors who each customer downloads content from - not from a single big pool of income divided between everyone.

For example, consider a Graphic Design customer who almost exclusively downloads content from the Fonts and Graphics categories. We could attract hundreds of similar customers, and it wouldn’t have much of an impact on the money available to Audio/Video/Web authors. But if we tripled the number of Font authors on Elements, the earnings available to those authors would be spread between a lot more people.

Once I have more information about the Public Impact Statement release, I’ll let you know when you can expect to see it.


Envato Impact Statement 2022 is now published:


Thanks @Laborator - you beat me to it! I’ll post in the Announcements area, now that the report is available :slight_smile:

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