Envato and Ucard HTML Template Author, Neither of Both Replied to my Concern yet?

Why you are Taking the Matter So Lightly and How can you Foregranted my Concern?

I have Written in FORUMS of Ucard HTML Template Author and Also Written an Email to Envato for the Resolution but none of them replied yet. Why?

My Ticket Number is …
Title: Request received: I have Not Received Any Reply from the Creator of HTML Ucard Template for my Problem
** Hi Ysinghania500,

Thanks for contacting us. Your request has been received and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible…

**If you’d like to email an update before you hear back from us, please reply to this email. In the meantime, feel free to check out our [Help Center]****(https://help.market.envato.com/)resources for more help.

Kind regards,
Envato Customer Success Team

** Now, Who will Provide Support? **

Author is providing support for the item and I saw that you have post a question on their support forum, so you should get answer there.

Now, about your questions - there is no error - if you check item live demo, you will see that the template is working on the same way as on your site - there is some gray background until is image loaded. This is happening because they are set background image via JS (I don’t know why is this done on this way).

You can:

  1. Remove that part from JS and set a background image via CSS

or (probably the better solution):

  1. Add some preloader to be there, for example green background (or any other color/image) over a whole page which will be there until a whole page is loaded and all images are set.

Ok, for this changes you need some JS/CSS skills and I hope the theme author will help you with that.

But the point is, the template works like that (also on authors live demo) only they have better/faster hosting and you don’t see that (it is done/set all vary fast).

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Thank you for your Response!
You’re Right thats what i wanna rectify by the Author. Author’s Team is not Replying Since 4 to 5 Days As per the Guidelines of Envato. Neither Envato Team Replied.

I just Want my Website to Load Properly. This Author Team is Really Stubborn, Otherwise Authors are Generous & Very Good in Providing Support.

I am Waiting for a Solution from the Author’s Team.

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