Envato and progression studios login

Hi everybody!

I used to have support for my redline wordpress theme here:


but today and yesterday and the day before that I haven’t been able to submit a ticket. If I click submit a ticket, it tells me to verify a purchase code with Envato, which I tried to do but I keep getting this message: “Something went wrong when trying to connect to your Envato account. Please try again.”

Of course I tried and I tried again and again, changed my password, even made a new Envato account but there’s the same message.

I also tried to submit the ticket with an old purchase code and I received a message saying that the purchase expired and I should buy a new one, but… WHERE?!

" * Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license."

Tried login in with my progression studios account as well, but I keep getting the same message.

Please help! I need support with my WP theme.


As it stated, the support period ( 6 months ) is over. You will need to extend the support to get help from the author.

Thanks for your answer.

How or where can I extend the support? I don’t know where or how.