Envato Affiliate URL Change With Username Change


I recently changed my envato username from “CoolHappy” to “CoolPlugins”. Now my main question is that - should I also update my affiliate/referral link “ref=CoolHappy” with “ref=CooPlugins” everywhere?

I have already referred 200+ customers to Envato and my old referral link (CoolPlugins - Portfolio | CodeCanyon) has multiple shares on multiple platforms so I can’t change this link everywhere.

Can Envato track my referrals with my old username affiliate url?

Otherwise I’m going to loss some referrals :frowning_face:

Narinder Singh

Yes, you need to update your affiliate links with the new name. Per the Envato Help Team:

Note: If you’re using our affiliate program, please remember to update your referral links with your new username.

As far as I remember, you can still use the old links but I may be wrong