Envato Affiliate Program is a disaster


I used old Affiliate links in my website, and in some other places. After transferring the Affiliate Program to a third party, I re-applied there. They refused me saying me that My website does not have sufficient traffic etc.

But see the photo, I have earned Affiliate Level 2 Badge 2 weeks ago.

So, this means my affiliate links are still active and I am referring new customers to Envato. (Although new 3rd party rejected me.) Not only me when I visited this link:


I saw other people are earning Affiliate Badge too. So, I believe this 3rd party is the reason of loss for both Envato and people like us.

I request Envato re-establish the old and classic affiliate system again.




Please you can contact with Envato Market Affiliates Team @emile_b (emile.ben-atar@envato.com) or market.affiliates@envato.com and let them know your concern. They will love to assist you.




Thanks for reply and suggestion. I already submitted an ticket few days earlier

Someone replied saying they transferred their Affiliate Program to 3rd party, so, they have nothing to do etc. etc. etc.



Just the person you are talking about, sent me email:


Hi there and thank you for your email,
Yes the affiliate program was moved to a 3rd party platform powered by Impact, and now in order to earn as an affiliate, you’ll need to join that platform. You can register here.
For more information about the move, please refer to this Forum post.

The affiliate badges are currently not active, and a further update on that will follow soon.


Emile Ben-Atar
Affiliate Associate


I believe the old Affiliate system was fine. But this latest system is bad. It is harmful for both of us and Envato.



you have gotten a very helpful reply from the affliate team. So, you have tried to register in impact but not approved your application, right? In that case you can contact again and let them know that your application got rejected and request them to give you guideline. Hope they will help you.

Please don’t share any personal things as like email screenshot, ticket id etc here because this is a public forum.



My only issue with the new system is that it doesn’t seem to work. Since switching links to go through Impact, I have fewer referral conversions and some of them actually fail (clients say they got errors trying to register through my affiliate link).


Hey @tawhidurrahmandear,
Thanks for applying and apologies your application was declined. We review each application on ‘face value’ and through your registered website, the source of affiliate traffic was not clear.
I have now re-proposed the IO. Please log in to your Impact account, click ‘notifications’ (bottom right) and accept the re-proposed IO. You will then be approved automatically.

We can then work with you to link your legacy account to your new Impact (affiliate) account


Well! Thanks for inviting me. Three questions:

  1. I am confused, am I the member now? Because the notification corner shows up in TOP-LEFT corner in navigation panel from my Desktop PC, not in (bottom right) according to your information.

  2. Do I need to re-create all the links again manually? If yes, how? There is “Create Link” button at Left- Side navigation panel. Should I use that? Is there any image or video based tutorial?

  3. In last few months, I referred some new sales. Will you pay me for that?

Best Regards!


You say you review each application, but this is not true. I have applied many times and every time the denial is instant. No way my application was reviewed before denial.


Thanks @tawhidurrahmandear,
I see you have successfully joined, good luck!


Happy to look at this again, please email me your username or name + URL you used to apply with