Envato Affiliate program closing?

Is this true? I just read an email and still can’t believe it. Why? Affiliate program is great!

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Mostly. I think if you have over 5,000+ referrals you’re invited to join the new affiliate program.

No its not like that. they manually review each application and approve it. in 3 yrs i just ref 5 new users and got my application approved.

I think stopping affiliate program will affect overall sales

They are not stopping. they are migrating to another platform

But the email doesnt tell something like that ? Are you sure ? How u knw ?

Instead of migrating all users they are closing existing program. and approving users after they submit the application

Are you sure of this ? And how do you know ?

Here is the actual email

Here you can see they are asking us to join impact radius

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And here you go with the welcome email ( After my application approved for affiliates)

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Why didn’t I get these emails ? :frowning:

May be you haven’t singed up for affiliates before. i am not sure

I already have affiliated people

Then please check with envato ( https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/ )

I don’t get it. To me they didn’t mention anything about new program. They said, we’re closing, bye bye! Where can i find the application?

Same here

Any way it’s good to hear that they are not closing the affiliate program, I was afraid of reducing sales…