Envato 11th Birthday campaign - 50% off 300+ items!

Hey all!
We are LIVE with 300+ items at 50% off as of today (this campaign expires on 29th Aug 2017, 12pm AEST). To help you target specific buyer groups we’ve created a number of collections by grouping discounted items together based on Marketplace. Here is a list of all collection landing pages you can drive traffic to (based on our testing, these are the best pages to link to or alternatively you can link directly to individual discounted items):

Birthday campaign collections by Marketplace:
[ThemeForest](Birthday Sale 2017 - ThemeForest on ThemeForest)
[CodeCanyon](Birthday Sale 2017 - CodeCanyon on ThemeForest)
[GraphicRiver](Birthday Sale 2017 - GraphicRiver on ThemeForest)
[AudioJungle](Birthday Sale 2017 - AudioJungle on ThemeForest)
[VideoHive](Birthday Sale 2017 - VideoHive on ThemeForest)

All Items link (collection of all discounted items)
All Items collection

Please ensure you include your affiliate tag (replace 'username’when posting these links publicly like so,:
Birthday Sale 2017 - ThemeForest on ThemeForestusername

If you have any questions about the campaign email the team or post here on the forum,
Let the celebrations begin!

Envato Affiliates Team

I noticed that a few tracks in the auidojungle collection have no reduced price. For example my song:

Is it a bug?

How can we join the party for 50% off.

Do we need to fill any form ?

Hey !

We have 20 more Products. we want to sale by 50% OFF of envato Birthday.How can we do that.is that we can reduce the price by our self or envato will knock us for that.


You’re a bit late to the party unfortunately, nominations for items had to be in by the 31st of July. However, if you have items in ADP categories, as long as you’'re not breaking any of the rules relating to ADP, then you’re welcome to adjust the price as you see fit… or promote them as being 50% off.

Thanks, we’re late yes.

Sure we will try as per your inputs. Thanks for your valuable inputs and providing your time.