Envanto membership and envanto items

If I am going to buy envanto membership - which is $17
do I have to pay extra for envanto after effect presets ? $40

or something else ?

Please guide me which is best ?

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They are two different things. The membership is for Elements which does not have all the Marketplaces’ items. Rather, it has a specific much smaller catalogue that you can find on the Elements site.

This are all items which are included with membership:

And if you decide to go with that, you don’t need to pay anything extra

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to download this , should I buy Membership or buy directly

This is a VideoHive item. The membership does not concern VideoHive. So this would be a direct buy.

However, you can check if this item is available at Elements as well, by clicking on the link provided by @CocoBasic. If it is also available there, then you’ll be able to get it with a membership.

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