Envanto login via Google ID does not work for tuts+

I am trying to watch a tuts+ course from my phone but it requires I login. The tuts+ site does not have a Google login option so I got to the envato elements site to login via the Google account integration. However once logged in if I navigate to the envato tuts+ site I am no longer signed in. This is preventing me from accessing content on my iPhone. I am using a chrome browser. When attempting this login flow from the desktop I was signed in correctly. There seems be some issues with accessing it via a mobile browser. Please advise if I can login to the tuts+ site with my paid account another way. Thank you

I figured out my account name from posting on the forum and was able to send a request to reset my password. This then sent me an email which redirected me to a site asking for my username and email address. I supplied that information and it redirected me to a site portal where I was then able to access the tuts+ navigation and it correctly logged me into the tuts+ site. Strange that the link to reset my password didn’t prompt me to make one. But at least I know a method to get logged in and access the content now. Might be worth filing a ticket to see why I had to go about this little journey.