Entrepreneur Theme display on mobile devices

I am new to this theme. I have a client that wants me to update their site. They have the purchased version for Entrepreneur theme. Do I need the product code to submit a case as I am not truly the purchaser.

Their site doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices (both Safari & Chrome).

Thank you kindly for any direction this community may have.


Theme purchase code is unique and can be used only for one end product/website. So, Assuming that your client has used their purcjase code for their site and you will not be able to use that purchase code.


Thank you kindly. So as their developer how do I submit a ticket without said purchase code?

Where you would like to submit ticket? Do you mean in Author support systems to get theme Author support?

On the Envato site. To support a ticket with the theme, it appears I need a product code on this page. Is this the best avenue to solve my problem for my client?


yes you can use the purchase code to get their support. Also may be you have to login using theme original purchaser account username. Thanks

No thank you for your help as a volunteer!

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