Entrepeneur theme with Booked plugin accepting Square for payments

I’m a Personal Trainer. Using the “Trainer” child theme in Entrepeneur. I have Booked all set up and fully good to go. I am not going to be creating any “store” at all. Not selling any apparel, supplements, etc…only Trainer sessions (all varieties already set up in Booked). See here - 1:1 In-Person Training for Boomers - Martin County Fitness

I want to use Square to accept credit payments once people have booked an appointment for a session(s). I do not want to use Woocommerce. The reading I’ve done keeps bringing up Woocommerce…which appears to really focus on stores. Can anyone tell me if woocommerce is a must to accept payments through a Wordpress site for services only? Or can I, hopefully, use Square directly with Booked and bypass woocommerce altogether?