entirely broken template

No flaming here… Curiosity mainly.

I bought a template of nk_'s awhile back and decided to finally start messing with it, and when I download it, in every viewable possibility, Local browser, dreamweaver, on a server, the site has 100% broken links. No images are displaying, no formatting, no CSS… I do not know what’s going on as I can’t imagine this guy sabotaged his own stuff so…

Curious if anyone else has seen this kind of thing before or not. It’s an HTML Template which I’m proficient with, just not having the time to do the kind of detailed work he does.

Hi snow_desuri,

Considering it is an HTML template, it should work normally locally, with a simple view in your browser. You can inspect the code with your browser to verify if it is missing files.

Please contact the author privately, he will assist you or apply a fix if it is the case.

Incidently, moments after I hit that submit button that, I found the folder structure was completly out of order for whatever reason, corrected that, and now I’m good. Glad to see simplicity still rules, thanks for the assist as we were on the same thought pattern there!

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