Entire batch of 217 images hard rejected

What is wrong with photodune these days?

An entire batch of dinner plate flag series hard rejected.
This series is proving to be popular on all other sites uploaded to so what is photodunes beef here?

Seeing as there not here I can only link to a competitor site that has accepted and sells the complete collection.
(links removed)

I give you my honest opinion for the only image I see here.
Your image are not lit properly. Look at the brilliance of metal objects, this is not a proper shine. It looks like an image not have a controlled light. Also, your picture is very flat. But not good flat. Shadows are made very badly, like spotlight is over. Like you take a picture at day 13.00 with sunny, outside. The concept can be ok. There are still problems of color and object contrast.

If you want to take pictures of objects outside, my advice is to take pictures in the morning 6.30 - 8.30. The light is very ok. Also you can control the light through a window. Unless you have special equipment.

If you can add here others pictures … ? I can see here only a picture.
I finished the visual arts university (department foto-video).

Good Luck !

Hi Antony,

I will look into this today and contact you via support. Thanks for your patience!

Best regards,
Gaby Jalbert
Quality Media Specialist | Photodune

Thanks Gaby.

oops! read the email too quickly and behaved a little rashly. sorry for that!
Please ignore my last email request.