Enter & Win in our Latest Envato Remix Contest - Music Remix & Performance Challenge

Does the video have to be an audible live performance? Or are we to film ourselves playing the instrument, but dubbing over the track?

For example, this cover is myself playing guitar and signing, but the video takes aren’t audible.

Thanks for clarifying!

Hi @MusicBoxStudios! In a word, we’re looking for both elements - a good reimagination, rework and remix of the provided audio, and then how it’s performed/presented in the video. Here’s the crucial part of the announcement explaining what judges will be looking for. Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

Thank you. Sorry if that part of the info slipped by me. You completely answered my question.

I’m in!

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Incredible video! I started just with the intention of understanding what you meant by your comment. However I couldn’t turn away from the well played music and great vocals! Well done!


We r in!!! :wink:

This is wonderful news!!!

Hi @scottwills great contest! Are previous featured item authors still eligible to win? Ie. Have a 2nd featured item (which is totally unheard of, at least for the 15 months I’ve been an author!)

Nice contest! So much fun :sunglasses:

I agree !!! :sunglasses:

i am in! :sunglasses:

I’ve read the FAQ :sunglasses:

Still confused: Can we use other instruments than piano for the MIDI file?

Like, is this (1) a remix of a “piano track” or is it rather (2) a remix of a “chord progression”…?

If (2) => can we also completely swap out the MIDI file with new recordings of the same (or similar) chords? Implied meaning the rhythmic patterns and voicings are changed as well.

Great contest, good luck with your remix !!!

I’m in! :sunglasses:

We’re in!!!)))

As far as I understand, the basic chords can not be changed (faq), but you can add a melody without changing the base at whole thus making a variety of music tune at all.

Hello @MorningLightMusic! Dubbed videos are fine, we just want to see you/people performing your work one way or another. Nice video btw. :slight_smile: Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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Hi @stardiva! Previously featured authors (or authors with featured items) are totally eligible, yes.Get cracking! :rocket: :slight_smile:

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It’s a creative challenge and it’s not restricted to piano. Build around the MIDI/WAV file we’ve provided. :thumbsup:

Don’t swap out the MIDI completely but work with it and play around with it. The following question on our FAQ page may help answer this for you:

Q. Can the chord progression be radically changed prior to the performance?
No, the backing track is meant to be used “as is”, allowing you to compose and arrange your piece around it.

Does the entire video need to include me performing something?

Hi @Erick_McNerney! We just need to see you performing in the video. Bear in mind that part of what the judges are looking for (as per the announcement) is “artistic performance value”.

So if I was entering for example and I had a 3 minute video but I only showed myself performing for 10 seconds of that video, I wouldn’t personally rate my chances of winning against someone who was seen performing longer. So to answer your question, sure, you can stay onscreen for just part of your video, but ask yourself if there will be enough “artistic performance value” elsewhere in your video to make you a winner.

Hope this helps and best of luck! :slight_smile: