Enhancing FumeFX render

Hey guys,
I got a FumeFX render of a smoky explosion shockwave from a client. The render was done at a high spacing value so there are artifacts here and there, the resolution is low etc, especially when it gets close to the camera. So he wants me to enhance the overall look of the render as much as possible.
One thing I’ve done is adding a bit of Sharpen effect and ReelSmart MotionBlur on top of it. This added some amount of detail. Then I added a bit of grain and chromatic aberrations on the edges to match with the footage. What else is possible to do here? I guess it’s almost impossible to increase the amount of detail without re-rendering so how can I hide the low resolution without going away from realism too much?

I think it’s impossible to enhance the render just by adding affects on it, maybe you could try to track the camera movement, and add a smoke affect on the top by particular, maybe this will enhance it 60%…or the best way is, to let the client to decrease the space value, and Re-render it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. No time for a new simulation unfortunately, so it’s mainly about hiding the bad quality of the original render. I’ve already added smoke footage on top of the render, that covered it a bit but there are still issues.

use particular emitter particle from layer fumeFX render :smiley:

bank508 said

use particular emitter particle from layer fumeFX render :smiley:

And make sure that particle type is set to Sprite :grin: