Enfold theme multiple websites

Hi there,
A customer wants to transform a whole batch of websites.
100 or even 200 domains.
Is it possible to do this in Enfold without paying less than 100 times the fee?
That would make it not worth it.

For that scale you are better off talking to the author @Kriesi and/or envato Envato Market Help and Support

They may be able to work something out but it still won’t be cheap.


It should be possible with an Extended license with WordPress mapping/multidomain but I’m not 100% sure, in addition, you’d need a little bit more work on the WordPress/server side as well.

Go for it! Things you can do with the Item

  • 5.You can Sell and make any number of copies of the single End Product.

You better contact Envato support as well about this situation. They may need to clear few details.

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Good points @charlie4282 and @ki-themes