Enfold Theme Bug Text Blocks Not Appearing


I went to edit my WP Enfold them site today. The site appears normal online. When I went into my WP dashboard and selected pages, they all appear. As I select any page, it comes up normal. When I select any text block, it opens to the edit panel. This is where the issue comes in.

On the original selected page, the text appears normal and the text is in black. When I click on the text block, it opens in the edit window. The text block appears empty. When I double click the text block, it highlights the text and then it can be seen as white lettering on the very light blue highlighted area. As soon as I select any place else to unselect the text block, all text goes back to “white” or so I can not see it. Any ideas on why this is happening?? Thanks much in advance.


I just went into a page and added a new text block to test it. When I go to add text, nothing happens. The cursor does not appear, not text appears as I type. The edit text section is not working.


Hi @danahoff,

You can report any bugs to @Kriesi, the author of Enfold theme:



Hey there danahoff, have you found a solution for that issue? if it so, I would love your input. i have the same issue currently, but nothing seems to work out. Thank you!.