Enfold - Footer Menu and Widget arrangement

I am attempting to layout a WP site using the envato enfold theme. I want a simply, One Column footer, with several pages aligned:

on top
of the other,
flush left,
w/ social icons and copyright below that.

No matter what I have attempted to do, nothing has changed the footer layout. I have attempted to add additional footer columns, custom footer areas, gone into individual pages and turned on/off widget functionality, theme custom footers, and any footer area I can locate in this theme. Nothing i have found adds or removes any function, widget, element, layout or any possible way to edit the footer area in any capacity. It was simply blank space.

I ended up creating a footer-menu and adding this new menu to the footer area. I now have the pages, social icons, copyright appearing in the footer. The issue with this is that these items are just spread all the way across the bottom of the site, one after the other left to right. It looks fine on a computer but when you look on a smart device with a small screen, these menu items all stack up on top of each other in a big cluster.

How do I create a simple footer “menu” that links to @ 6 pages on my site, followed by the social icons and copyright notice? Thanks much.

Hi @danahoff,

Welcome to the forums! If the footer layout you are looking for was initially available in Enfold theme, you can contact the author for support:

Alternatively you can hire a WordPress professional to do the changes for you,


I can help you with the layout, contact me here