Energy Logo reveal rejected , would appreciate any feedback

Hello guys
Please give me some feedback on this logo reveal which was rejected , it took me a lot of time to make so I would like to hear any opinions about it .

I really don’t know what to tell you based on the other quality of projects out there and newly accepted…I ve seen personalty much lower quality logo reveals that where accepted.

I had 2 of my items rejected recently also and I really don’t know why…I m not a beginner in this business and I would understand if they give a reason to why some of the items are rejected on quality bases and why others lower quality ones do get accepted

It’s been 3 days and I am waiting for getting some feedback on the template …
Hope someone can tell me the faults in the template

Hi there,

I like the energy effect but the logo reveal itself and the particles are too simple and plain. Try to work more on those things.

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I think the beginning it’s not so good looking with those few sparks floating away . They look good only in the explosion. In my opinion it will be much better without those sparks. And try to make more color variations. Red, blue , green, yellow in the same project if there is not this option in the project.

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