Energetic Epic Reject, can I have feedback please?

Hi there junglers
After “experiments”, sales drops to zero and doubled queue LOL…
I would love to have your opinion on what to do with this fresh item just got rejected…I don’t want to waste it completely!
I’m not even sure about the right category as I told the reviewer :slight_smile:
Can you help? Thank you!!!

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opinions anyone?

I think this is an entertaining and viable arrangement. There are a few sound issues I hear that may have added up to the rejection:

  • overall the mix is harsh. Probably could reduce the 2-4KHz to improve it.
  • the opening strings are a bit harsh and the reverb could be “warmer”
  • the wobble sound that starts at 0:20 conflicts with the strings. The energy is good but you may want to de-mask the frequencies of each track
  • the guitar that starts at 0:40 and 1:20 overpowers everything else. There is a lot of stuff going on in these areas. If you keep them all, then probably should thin each down so they don’t stomp on each other as much.
  • the syncopated piano chops at 1:00 are at too small volume. It is confusing to hear. Either should increase the piano volume with the strings or remove it
  • the ending is very abrupt

This track can be improved. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you very very much my friend, this is so helpful…detailed and technical, thank you!! my ears are fried these days Lol
I’ll fix that :wink:

PS - im not even sure about the category…CINEMATIC would work?
Good sales guys

what do you think @MidnightSnap? better? thank you!!!

Much improved @thebigsound ! You have reduced the parts to the most important ones and the arrangement really moves well. I still think (maybe it’s just me) that the staccato strings are a bit too harsh, perhaps with too much high end distortion/saturation. Also, I think the low kick/hit low frequencies need to be reduced in volume. Perhaps you can get opinions regarding the mix/sound from others.

Great progress. :slight_smile: I can hear this as a cinematic background for movie credits.

Thank you so much for your time and interest :slight_smile:
I’ll fix a couple of things and submit tomorrow…
Thank you!

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Nope…HARD REJECT :smiley: