Endeavor multipurpose 16338158 - demo not installable

Demo is not installable.
Have followed the documentation provided as well as the online one.
Have installed theme, required plugins, then started the inbuilt demo import process.
Just after few seconds of running, the demo import process ends with failed message.

"Failed to import demo data. Failed to download demo.sql"

Ask the author https://themeforest.net/item/endeavor-multipurpose-it-digital-company-wordpress-theme/16338158/support

Hello charlie4282,

Have already contacted the author. But, no response yet.

Unfortunately, this is quite a specifc query and really they are the people to help. Their support tab does say 10days potnetially although I gt that’s not ideal

FYI comments show you do not have a buyer/purchase badge for the item. This may lead to them not being able to help. You must sign in using the account which purchased the item before thy will support it.

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Hello charlie4282,

Yes, I agree. I was hoping they also check the forums

The Buyer/Purchase badge doesnt appear, as Envato is yet to provide way to indicate if I have downloaded the theme via their Elements subscription.

I think Envato should ensure some Quality Checks regarding Wordpress themes they include in their Elements Subscription; since I’m stuck at a very basic step, i.e, When I have followed the author’s documentation regarding theme installation & demo import, I should not get an error while demo import(Note: all required limit of post_max, upload limit, memory limit are set properly)

Unfortunately, Elements subscriptions do not come with support or updates in the same way that they are found on regular licenses. This may well impact how/if the author can help

I agree with you.

But, if a theme (& its demo content) cannot be correctly applied to a site, then there is no point in providing it to subscribers. Leads to waste of time & effort.

Atleast basic Quality Check should be performed by Envato whether theme(& demo content) is install-able or not, before presenting it to subscribers.