End of year awards?

I have been a part of the Envato community for a number of years and I am a little surprised I have never seen any type of end of the year awards. That would be cool if Envato created some categories and prizes for those who win (like best theme of 2015). You could also have the Envato community vote on some finalists. Be a great way to get the community together and provide incentives for ever better products.

Just a thought. :smile:


Will there be a ‘most space stuff’ category? Reckon I might have a chance with that one.


lol funny one indeed lol :wink:

hi this is a good idea indeed, what i am just afraid of is that we would end up celebrating the same guys over and over again nd thus promoting the same guys over and over again …but the idea is a good one indeed, it could be year’s best sellers in all categories, plus a few other more specific rewards , good idea

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I think it’s a great idea, webphilosopher! Great way to encourage community interaction and like you said, provide motivation for authors to do their absolute best.

Staff? :slight_smile:

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We used to do an end of year award show, but it was a ton of work and we just haven’t had the time to invest back into doing them again yet. Who knows, it may be something we can tackle in the future and it gives us all an opportunity to dust off our tuxedos and evening wear :smiley:

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So I am also a part of a online creative writing community. Each month there is a writing contest. To avoid the same people having their writing winning every month, they have put certain restrictions in place. First, a person can not win more than two times a year. Evato’s might look something like you cannot win back to back years.

Second, to make your processes more efficient (but still effective) you could have the community vote on the initial group. Then Envato would take the top (X) vote getters and decide the winners.

I think if done well you could see an increase in the quality of the products, increase in author sales, and a more invested community. Just some thoughts. :smile:

this looks nice, this is will be an additional possibility for some authors to get a bit extra exposure