ENCRYPT your AE Projects

Hi everyone, can we encrypt our projects using a company like T-Safe? I realise it is a dongle system but i can’t find anything else. I am sure there is another topic about this, but lets be honest who wants to try and search through the ugly forums to find it. Lets do something as a community to protect our work from being pirated!


Perhaps we could find a programmer who would be willing to write a plugin for AE asking the consumer to put in a verification code that gets checked against the purchase order number at Envato before decrypting the AE projects for use?

Any other suggestions welcome.

I guess you’ve got to think to yourself, If you can’t be bothered to search through an ugly forum to find something… who is going to want to order, pay for, wait for, and use a dongle every time they use an After Effects template? Long term customers might put up with it, but new customers and one off purchases, especially when they’re on a deadline, are not going to want to go through all that.

Sales would drop from legitimate people, but I can’t see sales increasing that much from the dodgy people. They’ll just find a different site where it’s easier to get stuff for free. Bottom line… you’ll get the satisfaction of nobody pirating your items, but everyone just earns less money as a result.

That’s the way I see it anyway, I could be wrong. Can’t knock you for looking for solutions though.

It’s a nice idea and an interesting system, @Wobblefin . But ultimately, I think that SpaceStockFootage is right - you might just end up making life harder for legitimate customers. And ultimately, a dongle can be cracked too.

In the longer term, I think a system like this might be useful, but in the current wild-west like scramble for customers, it’s bound to add a disadvantageous level of complexity for customers.

Ok but lets look for an example. How about a Themeforest theme, i don’t know, lets say “Striking” theme. Now i know that in order to unlock the theme you need to put in your license number when you apply it to Wordpress back-end, which stops people using it multiple times without ordering a new license every time for THEIR clients. This is a great way to monitor who has the license and what they are doing with it.

Is it so difficult in this “Scramble for customers” to at least talk about finding a solution for all of us here at Envato? I realize a dongle system is slow but as i mentioned before, it is all i could find.

There’s nothing wrong with talking about it, but there are so many sites selling AE templates for several years… all of whom may have dozens of staff and thousands of authors. None of them have yet come up with a fool-proof way of protecting our assets without impacting our sales, and I’m sure a lot of thought has gone into the issue.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that as a result, people shouldn’t bother coming up with ideas, or that people shouldn’t discuss it… just that any potential idea is going to have to be pretty impressive if it’s going to work.

Hi , T-Safe can also protect psd & .ai files ?