Encourage buyers to share their work

Hello everyone

I would like to know how you manage to encourage buyers to show their work once they have used their music in a project.
I think that beyond the personal satisfaction of upload our best records, everyone likes to see in what context have been used.
This way you can learn todabia more of an enriching way since all the material we climbed into the jungle is intended to fit in an audiovisual format.
At the same time, I think that in this way you can set more todabia a better relationship with the user of music, showing interest in the final product once made.
What is your opinion?
Encourage you to give your opinion!
Good luck to all the sales!
My best wishes! :slight_smile:

In the item description of some of my tracks, I have suggested that buyers share how they used it, but nobody has ever done so.

Hello JonnyBoyleMusic

Thank you very much for commenting.
It’s funny how people struggle to share, because if they buy an item are supposed to be satisfied with the work of the author.
In my profile I encourage people to rate tracks favorably after your purchase, but it also made me climb the ratings.