encontramos que no se encuentra en el estándar de calidad requerido para avanzar

I have uploaded my first song to audiojungle to sell and I have answered this “we found that it is not in the quality standard required to advance”
I do not know what he is referring to because nobody explains anything to me.
Could you help me?
Thank you


Hi @MiguelGranero! The forum can help you if you upload your rejected track(on SoundCloud or another place) and put a link to this topic. Good luck!

thanks, I just included the track

The sound is non-commercial, flat, undeveloped (no improvisation, and too few instruments (no “author’s handwriting - but there is standard string sketch” and no mood (it’s not festive)). Would you buy this track? Listen to the top Christmas tracks https://audiojungle.net/category/music?term=christmas%20 so you can understand what I’m talking about!
Good luck!