Enabling Responsive


I have Metal Themes from 2016.

I have a problem with the theme’s responsiveness

The setting is Enabling Responsive Design

Recently we did some WordPress updates and installed the envato-market update.

Is there a solution?



Website: www.integrun.comwww.integrun.com

The best way to get this answer is Contact your purchased Item/Theme Author.

Don’t worry just contact Author. Author will be very happy to assist you.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

You can ask your question at your item author @zozothemes if they help you

As you said you used this theme from 2016 mean you item support is expired you have to increase your item support.
or hire someone from Envato Studio…
who can help to do you issue fixed.



Please Submit Ticket here https://zozothemes.ticksy.com/ we will help you.


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Thanks for your answer, but,

our support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired.

So we cant submit a ticket unless we buy some more suport.

we may try the freelancers support.



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We also support as freelancer for this project, if you need any help ping me we will try to solve ur issue asap.


I have Metal Themes from 2016. in general, we are happy from the site

I’m facing two problems:

  1. Theme’s responsiveness 

The setting is “Enabling Responsive Design” but Its look very bad on smartphone.

Recently we did some WordPress updates and installed the Envato-market update.

  1. When I get into the press the Edit page from the WordPress  (see attached pic) I don’t get the user-friendly format for editing. Some thing is needs to be set.

Can you fix this? What will be the cost?



Ran –

Please submit ticket here https://zozothemes.ticksy.com/ with site login details also your skype id. Pls post ticket in theme questions will check it out.


but, I can’t submit a ticket cus sim not im not under support any more ….

If you want to hire someone then can hire also your item author @zozothemes they can give quick solution :slight_smile: cause they are more expert their won theme/item.

Please check the area " Product or Category" while u submit ticket here https://zozothemes.ticksy.com/submit/ Choose paid customization and submit it…

Please contact view our profile https://themeforest.net/user/zozothemes#contact

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