Employee Dashboard with Sales reports, Open Projects, and internal company social media?


I am wondering if this exists already, or if someone is in the process of making this. I am looking for an employee/admin dashboard that would essentially be an internal mini social network (on a very simplified level), along with sales reports, support ticket system, employee profiles, bug reports/tracker, graphs, leads, client list, etc etc.

I am working on a start up company and we are all remotely located around the US, so having all our data in one place and a mini-simple-social network without having to continually email each other would be amazing. I am hoping for something that is programmed, and not just an HTML template, where our programmer can customize it where necessary, but not have to write the entire program.

TL;DR, is there something like a self-hosted SalesForce on Envato?

Your’re welcome! — https://github.com/humhub/humhub