Emotions about hard rejects

The author is not respected by reviewers. There is no feedback.

Dispatch systems are far from perfect.

If the soft rejected, all text changes are erased. If you don’t click save, the text is erased.

If you do not send a comment to the reviewer, the text is erased.

I wrote something in (parentheses)" and received a rejection. One second of silence is missing between versions - rejection.

I should be filling out bureaucracy instead of making music.

Instead of saving the text that I have already edited, the reviewer will simply reject it again and you will wait + 15 hours and make all the changes again, press all the save save save buttons, for one more and 7 more rejects because of some absurdity that they consider to be gross mistakes )“”

Instead of musicians being given truly practical advice on mixing and arranging, we are being taught useless bureaucracy. And the letters constantly contain threats: that if the reviewer considers my changes insufficient, then he can limit my access to submissions or block me altogether.

Don’t look for inspiration here; all your hopes and expectations will be shattered like glass by the endless refusals of reviewers.

I’m very upset, sorry, it’s very difficult for me to interact with the lack of feedback.

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Everything seems to be told here… https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471803-Audio-Item-preparation-and-Technical-Requirements