Emergency. ThemeForest iframe brakes themes previews

To Envato attention. ThemeForest iframe brakes themes previews. We, authors, were asking to do something about it for ages. Now when browsers block automatic page redirects we can no longer get rid of the iframe.
It results in broken themes previews on mobile devices.
Top selling themes previews are broken:

Thanks @Dream-Theme - we hear you and have devs on this right away :+1:


Hello @Dream-Theme and everyone!

We’ve been working on this issue, and have determined that this bug appears on mobile for users when there is an interaction between our preview iframe, Revolution Slider on the authors’ preview pages, and an outdated iOS version (12.4). iOS 12.4 is no longer available, and this is not an issue in subsequent versions of iOS. As of 6 September, only 11% of mobile iOS users are on the problematic version, down from 59% on 1 September.

Since percentage of affected users is dropping dramatically as users upgrade, we’re going to prioritize other work. This is a very complex bug, any any fix we put in place here will likely have negative side effects for other browsers.