Embarrassing/Funny Temporary Track/Project Names

I have quite a number of these :slight_smile: Ha Ha.

My latest file has begun as … “House Music Time” :open_mouth::flushed: Of course, it will end up as something more inventive such as Epic House!

So I was wondering, what’s the most embarrassing/funny temporary track/project name you can bear to post on this thread!


Jamie sent me advance of his stunning new track “Sewercidal” this morning and I am certain that the track will be a hit. Not too sure on the title for search engine purposes but will be a monster hit. Best of luck and congratulations on this audio mastery,


One of my latest corporate tracks is currently under the working title of “Corporate for the millionth time”.

I’ve also had The Corporate Track to End All Corporate Tracks, Upbeat Motivation And All That Rubbish, and The Next AJ Hit, to name a few.

Of course they all went on to simply be titled ‘Corporate’…


Some tracks will never see the light of day. Like “Happy Corporate Dubstep”


What about the more daring worktitle “obvious reject” or “the first corporate track”. My best till now: Successive

When I first started on AJ, I made a “Happy Ukulele” track, and my next one was a little bit more sad, so I was Mr.Obvious and named it “Sad Ukulele” but had to rename it after, because obviously the name did not help with sales. Current track I am working on is inspired by “First Aid Kit” so the track is called, “First aid shit” lol :slight_smile:

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I was working on a “happy” track with the standard instruments - uke, piano, glock. The working title was “I’m So Happy It Makes Me Sick.” Then I finished it and just went with the title. Not exactly a whole lot of SEO maximization in that one, but I like it anyway.


Possibly my funniest was “Some **** from Preston” (which rhymes with “Country and Western”, and is a phrase which is often used, at least here in the north of England, to denote the genre.

I believe the phrase my originate from a joke about two hard of hearing gentlemen who go to watch a band in a public house, and mishear the information that the barman tells them about the genre of the band. You’ll have to guess the blanked out profanity!)

Preston is a city in the north of England by the way.