Emails not sent from Envato to my email

I do not receive emails from CodeCanyon like item comment, messages from my profile and etc… What to do?

please check your email settings going through:
Settiings => Email Settings

I do not change any settings about my email notifications (i rechecked it an all is ok), before 2 days i was no have issues with this…

Edit: my mail works, becouse i receive other mails.

lets see for next (keep observation for next few days). if not solved contact author support.

@mgscoder this is not good, becouse i do not receive emails from exists/future customers for support and etc…

as an author I can understand. lets see another author is facing the same issues or only you and that’s why telling keep observation. Hope will fix.

@mgscoder thanks!

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Are you still facing this issue? Please re-check Settings > Email Settings and if everything is correct including your mailbox, it’s better to contact support early so that the problem can be analyzed and solved. Thanks!

@CodeFlist i do this several times. Nothing changed and not received emails… Which is address where i can contact the support

Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to check.

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@CryptoExchanger You can contact support from the above link as mentioned by the community moderator.

@mgscoder @CodeFlist thanks for help, i just created support ticket

What is average time to receive a reply from support?

it depends on the volume of open tickets and weekend. they will reply as quockly they can. most cases within 2 business days (except weekend, holiday).