Email Verifier Pro Launched! Thanks Everyone!

So, I would like to thank everyone from the community for supporting and helping me out with the submission of our first ever developed script “Email Verifier Pro” in Envato as an author. We are always looking forward to good suggestions and feature requests for adding in more improvements.

After having our script approved we had 6 sales, but as this is our first time in this, we are getting very confused with statement and invoices. Can someone please help us to understand this bottom screenshot? As per our calculation, we were supposed to receive $80?

FYI, we have already applied with ITIN as Non-USA Individual. I have already tried contacting Envato support 2 days ago and still waiting for a response…


( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning

From your screenshot you alraedy gotten calculation for $90 ($50.28+$6+$33.72) and you have total value of your item is $20x6=$120.
So, rest $30 is Buyer fee ($5x6=$30)

Hope you clear now.



Thank you very much for clearing this to me now. I have a question, What is Buy Fee and why it has been charged? I thought its only author fee that we pays.

Also, Is it possible to change tax and profile information after submitted tax information approved?



May be you didn’t check it clearly when you have set the price at the time of item submit for getting approve. You can check it now by going to edit page any of your item and check the price settings options there you will see buyer fee. For php script buyer fee is $5.

yes possible and for doing this again you must have to submit your tax information with the correct information.