Email Themeforest support

hi everyone, I have the need and the urgency to speak directly with Themeforest support as on 11 March 2022 after choosing the MELLA theme (Mella Website Templates from ThemeForest) I noticed that it did not exist an HTML version, consequently through the live chat (Messager) provided by the manufacturer I contacted them to find out if it was possible to have a theme in HTML, the latter informed me that it is possible to have it but that I would have to pay a total of 200 $, I made a payment of $ 100 as a down payment but after that the theme producer appears non-existent or blocked me, so I would like to understand how to proceed now as I have been scammed by a producer on their site.

Anyone have a direct email with Themeforest or Envato?
Thank you all

You can email Envato Market Help and Support, however, this is a private arrangement between you and the developer.

Envato will not be able to get involved in that.

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