Email Template Reject

What do you think is it low-quality email template?
Delicious Restaurant

You need to demonstrate way more layouts layouts and creative features to be able to compete in email categories especially if you are not using a builder.

Beyond that generally the design is a bit basic and outdated and the narrow sections like social, booking etc. don’t really work and look very bad on a mobile

Dear charlie4282,
Thanks for your feedback. I will follow your instruction at future.
My submitted Demo URL was as like
Ok Social, booking may be outdated. Reviewer could to soft reject for that because one developer works hard for one product. Making a design, coding general, MailChimp and campaign monitor. Create a demo code, presentation lot of work and time where a reviewer just gives hard reject and not mention where should to improve. Why they hard reject for.

They don’t give feedback when they feel there is too much to change as in the cases it is likely to cause more confusion and long term frustration.

I still think with respect that the design itself is a bit behind the times compared to many being released recently.

I’d definitely include more demos

Is that your email builder? It seems (i haven’t checked it in detail) to just have the blocks and fall short of the other ones being used by authors which include styling options, formatting exports etc.

With any file here all authors have to consider (reviewers do) why would someone buy a file that’s being submitted if there are others with more features, higher quality design etc.

I agree with you.