email subscription in wordpress theme

Hello hope all of you are having a good day. i wanted to ask that if i wanted to add the subscribe button in my WordPress theme how should i do it that would be according to themeforest requirements? i was thinking of sending a simple email to the admin of the website that will contain the email of whoever subscribed to the site and the email will be taken from the input field next to subscribe button. but i am thinking there is a better way of maybe using third party plugin or something that i can support with my theme and that plugin will manage the subscriber list idk can somebody please guide me on which way is the right way, it would be a big help thank you. what i am asking is that i am developing a social plugin for my theme that will have an email icon so what should the email icon do when a user clicks on it and next is i am planning to add a widget that will have input field that will take users email address and will have a subscriber button next to the input field so where should i send that user email address for subscription when user clicks on the subscribe button? can somebody please guide me in resolving these two issues please, that would be a big help.

Don’t try to reinvent a wheel, just use existing 3rd party plugin. If you try to develop everything from the scratch, you will either never finish the theme, or it will be full of bugs.

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This is especially true given that you would want to have something like this linking to CRMs, which means API work that will already exist out there without the need to custom create it

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so i should use a 3rd party plugin for my themes social media icons? i want the icons to styled of how i want it to be and use the icons that match my theme design so how could i achieve that when using a third party social media plugin? also kindly recommend a plugin for social media icons and the subscription, Thank you

With respect if functionality as simple as this is not clear, or if you are going to need plugins then it sounds like you may not be ready to be producing themes for here.

You do not want to be dependent on third party code or plugins, plus this will bloat your theme, but things like social sharing is pretty basic.

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I was talking about subscription form. As for social media icons, you can use a plugin too but as Charlie pointed out, social links is generally a pretty basic stuff which you should be able to code yourself. But if you do decide to use a 3rd plugin instead, styling it to your needs shouldn’t really be a problem if you know CSS. And you should know CSS pretty well if you are even thinking about making a WP theme (unless you have someone else handling frontend code for you).

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Thank you for helping me out but it was a misunderstanding on my part that made me confused. so my social shares plugin is developed and it was just the email icon functionality i was confused about what to do with it when a user clicks on the email icon but that i will resolve too by studying other social plugins. most importantly i should use a 3rd party plugin for my subscription form, this was the info i needed. again it would mean so much if you guys could recommend me a plugin for subscription form, i know i can research and there are tons out there but i would like a recommendation from you guys.

I do not use any so I can’t recommend. But I guess something which uses Mailchimp.

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okay thanks for the help, appreciate it. mailchimp provides its own code for subscription forms as stated in this article so ig i should use and style that form only?

There are 3rd party mailchimp plugins you can use.
But if you think creating a WP theme is not enough of a challenge for you already, then feel free to code it yourself.
You can also just check out some of the demo sites of existing WP themes on ThemeForest and see how others are doing various stuff like this. Usually you can take a look at HTML to see if the functionality is by 3rd party plugin or custom made (3rd party will usually use some unique class prefixes).

But even more importantly, you should first make sure your design is up to par. It seems like you are focusing on code and functionality only so far, but without great design you won’t be approved no matter how great your code or functionality is.