Email Scam?

So this morning I got this email and it asked me that one of my track is available on the other marketplace or not. But the link is very suspicious, I think its something for resetting the account pass

So what do you think guys?
If it’s a scam I believe that she/he sent this kind of email not to only one person

It seems to me that person accidentally pasted wrong link in her message.

She was probably browsing marketplace when she found your item and wanted to contact you, only to find out she’s not logged in. She forgot her password so she did password reset minutes before she sent you a message, but she copied link to password reset in the process and forgot about it.

Damn, Sherlock Holmes would be proud of me :slight_smile:

Could be true, but I don’t want to try clicking at the link LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d send another email asking her exactly which track she was referring to.

Yes I already send her email but she didn’t reply back :confused:

Hmm. I would just wait a while, and if there’s no response then leave it.