Email notifications for videos that using your music on Vimeo

Email notifications for videos that using your music on Vimeo

Hey Guys,
I know that there is a lot of videos that uploads to Vimeo everyday that using my music, and since there isn’t exactly a nice tool like a content ID that scans automatically for your music on youtube (Adrev, Audiam, Tunesat etc…) I think that I found an easy way using Zapier tool to get email notifications when a new video uploaded and using your music.
The downside with this method is that it can be only generates alerts if the user that uploaded the video gave you some kind of credit and mentioned your name in the description, Yhaa, I know that they usually don’t do that, but I might say that most of them are usually do.
Of course you can check and search every day for your name on Vimeo but you know me, Im always trying to find a way to make our life much easier and make this process goes automatically :slight_smile: Anyway… Here is how I did that…

All you need is:

  1. Zapier account- signup and get a free account.
  2. Vimeo account.
  3. Gmail account.

After you got those 3 accounts setup and ready, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Log in to Zapeir and press on the “Make a zap” button on the top :slight_smile:

  2. Setting up the trigger: Choose an app → Choose “Vimeo”(If you cant find Vimeo on the list just press “show all” or search “vimeo” in the search bar)

3. Choose Trigger → Check the “New Video by Search”

4.Connect your Vimeo Account and give “Zapier” access to your Vimeo Account.

save and continue.

5. Type your query (Mine is “AGsoundtrax”)

6. Test your trigger stage and make sure your get all things double-check ok.

Fetch and continue.

  1. Setting up the action → Choose where you want to get the notification (for this example Im choosing Gmail)

  1. Check the “Send Email”

9. Connect your Gmail account, Save and continue…

10. Fill in the required fields:
a. “To”: (Your email address)
b. “Subject” for the action : (“New Vimeo Notification”)
c. “Body” : (“ You got a new notification with AGsoundtrax”)


Just press continue to run a test and thats it.

Hope you will find that useful



Very useful Adi! Thanks for sharing this ! :+1:

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Woww amazing, that’s a nice tool to use. Thanks for the advice!! :smile:

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Top, done and hoping for ZAPs! :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys !
If you are finding some more useful stuff with Zapier feel free to share…

Great find sir!

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So cool! thanks for helping us to find out how buyers use our music

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Thanks Bro , God bless you )))

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Great! Thanks!

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Nice tool. Thanks!

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Thanks AG! Helpful information! :+1:

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Yes , thank you helped ! )))

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Thank you !

Thanks so much !