Elon musk shared a video using my project

Hi guys. Yesterday elon musk shared a video using my video template. It’s a project I did 5 years ago, so it’s a bit outdated now. I accept that. There are negative reactions to the video that was shared independently of me. I don’t understand this. What are your thoughts on this


Cool achievement.:muscle:

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Wow . well done

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You should be happy :slight_smile: - Elon shared the video that someone else did, I saw this post today.

Just don’t sue him because he will buy Envato just to ban you. :smiley: lol


wow :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Libra_Studio - that’s some big news to wake up to!

I think your template holds up well, and I hope you pick up a lot of new customers as a result of the worldwide surge of interest in retro glitch effects :slight_smile:

Most of the negative reactions I’ve seen have been either more about people’s opinion of Elon/Twitter/X, or from people who don’t really understand the role of stock templates, and how widespread they are in professional usage. I spotted a great summary over on Reddit that rejected the idea that templates are just for “bad designers who can’t learn to do their own work”:

Most of the things Envato offers are just a piece of the puzzle and almost nobody creates everything from scratch. What real designers, developers, marketers use it for is to get assets to build a larger project … and you do need to know how to use software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Premier etc.

Long story short, Envato can enable non-pros to put out mediocre products, but it can also help pros turn out really good products faster**

I think we all know that affordable doesn’t always mean cheap, and that templates and other stock assets are enabling a lot of people to deliver better work than they could have done alone. There are a lot of professional editors out there laughing today, because they know that using stock isn’t some kind of hidden secret: it’s just another tool (and often an indispensable one!) that you can combine with your own skills.

It’s not every day that you see a template get this big an audience - Elon’s video has been viewed 87 million times in the last 24hrs, which is rapidly closing in on Superbowl advertising numbers. I hope that you (and all our Video Template authors) benefit from the extra people who’ve just discovered Envato :smiley:


That is really cool! Congratulations! I hope it generates even more sales for you. Do you have a link you can share? I’d love to see it!


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I meant to the Elan Musk demo. :slight_smile:


Very cool! I think you should be honored he chose yours. People are always going to criticize things, especially when tied to a controversial public figure. Ignore them and keep creating!

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Congrats!! Cherish this achievement :smiley: People just hate the rebranding overall and lash out on everything related to it. Don’t take it personally, you did a great job and even Musk’s team thought so and used it :smiley:

p.s. I once was watching Doja Cat’s some sort of behind the scenes video and saw her editors using one of my titles - it was a happy day ahaha.


well done!

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That’s a great achievement.

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Thank you very much friends :blush:


Congrats! It’s super cool :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Congrats on the accomplishment, especially for one of your older pieces! Super special that someone always in the news highlighted your work! Good job. I didn’t see it, but you should be proud regardless. :clap::clap::clap:


Congratulations :tada:

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