Elite Ninja Team, finally!

Hi folks!

It is so exciting to open Envato email and see we’ve just been granted Elite badge! :gift:
We would like to send our biggest thanks to all of the users and clients who have contributed to our improvement.

On the way to “Play WordPress”, we try to research and create solutions for your website, so that you can save your time and reduce stress building your online business.

There are still a few buyers whom we can’t provide with good support in time, we are really sorry for that.
We’ll put more effort into work. And in the coming time, we will release more free plugins. We hope to see you there.

Many thanks,
And have a nice weekend! :sunglasses:
Ninja Team



Congratulation @NinjaTeam :tada: Good luck for more success :slight_smile:

Great achievement, congratulations, @NinjaTeam :+1:

Congratulations :sunglasses: