Elite Level 9, Elite care pack, Thank you envato. Emotional moment


We are jThemes and we just unlocked the level 9 on Envato. Its been a very tough but a sweet journey so far. lots of ups and downs and we are still learning from all other authors. We have been trying to be in race and still thr is alot to do for us.

I would like to thank all my team mates who worked hard and helped us to reach to this level. We are two partners and I would like to thank my partner and his team for all thr hard work.

I would like to thank vishnu again because he was with us when we started our journey and helped us to get into this market. You helped us to put first stone so you will always be special for us

Im sharing few pics of elite care pack too



Thanks for reading so far, Thank you all


Awesome achievement, guys! Congrats!

Congrats bro…

Thank you AurusAudio

Thank you mate

Congrates dear…! Great Job… Hard work always leads to destiny. May god give you more power and happyness in future… All best

Congratulation & Best of luck :thumbsup:

Congratulations @Jthemes Why don’t you upload your pic with that t-shirt?
Thank you so much for mentioning my name.
Lets join again and in turn help you become Power Elite.
Congrats again. :smile:

Thank you buddy

Sure, I hope we will work harder from here and reach to next milestone soon

Thanks again

Congrats :wink:

Congrats guys !!! :clap:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Thank you to all authors.

cool, happy for you :slight_smile: GL

Congratulations!!! :smile:

Congrats Jimmy. Very happy to read about this achievement.

Thanks to all friends here

Congratulations :grinning:

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Old days, Now we recently reached to power Elite