Elite Author - I didn't get here on my own

I became an Elite Author in May but didn’t feel the need to shout about it. Instead I would like to take the opportunity to share my gratitude for the achievement;

  1. Thank you Envato for the opportunity to pursue this career path and lifestyle.
  2. Thank you to all the customers who have purchased one of my themes.
  3. Thank you for all the fantastic reviews from my customers
  4. Thank you to my wife who has supported me on this journey and still continues to.
  5. Thank you to my dogs who keep me company all day whether I’m working or resting and remind me not to work too hard.

I would have loved to receive an Elite care package but I am very grateful for the little extra bonus in my payout this month. Thanks Envato

Thank you

  • Steve

Congratulations, Steve!:partying_face:

Great job, I know it is not easy :slight_smile:

*elite package was awarded to authors who reached 8th paw, not 7th

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Congratulations!!! :tada::partying_face:

I’m an Elite author but unfortunately sleeping on my brothers couch. Though can’t complain… with the money I make here I will buy a tent soon and join the community living in the park. I have been using the local Starbucks for their wifi. Life is still good.

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Congratulations :tada: :clap:t3: