Elite Author - First Milestone Achieved


On this very exciting achievement, we are recalling our journey since we took our first step on envato. We are grateful to envato for giving us such a wonderful platform which after this much growth, still has the same focus on quality.

We G-axon, thank to all our customers for their trust, appreciation and belief in us, our competitive authors here on envato without whom we would have never been a better version of us we are today and envato for giving us such a wonderful platform and opportunity to reach our potential customers.

We are glad that our 2 following products out of 6 have been continuously popular for last 1+ years and are highly rated:

react material bootstrap 4 admin template 20978545

wieldy react redux ant design admin template 22719616

We at G-axon have always been focused on quality and with this new badge of Elite Author, we are feeling a new responsibility and find ourselves more accountable from now on.

Again, thank you all for your being with us :slight_smile:

Kind Regards
Pukhraj Prajapat
Founder @ G-axon