Elite author badge bug

There is a bug with the displaying the correct badge, it states that I’m Elite Author http://prntscr.com/8amvcg , though I’m Power Elite one.
Please fix this bug.

I am seeing this from such a long time. But, i thought it was meant to be an elite. Strange

Want’s it this only from beginning? I never seen showing POWER ELITE for any powere elite author or i missed it?

The same thing I thought when I saw it!

Yes, it was from beginning. :smiley:

@crelegant Yes I do agree with you. @mad_dog you can check product page of other power elite authors :smile:

@sketchthemes Honestly its not correct to display the wrong info that’s why it should be fixed.

@mad_dog Yeah agreed but it not only the case with you. And as @crelegant mentioned it was like that from beginning. Still we can report this to Envato :smile:

There was a great green line at the very top stating that this is a Power Elite profile. Envato has recently removed it. Power Elites deserve it.

i hope one day is see this bug lol

I’ve always thought those needed to be changed to show the green power elite badge and say “Power Elite Author” instead, you all deserve it.

You do have green at top of your portfolio page http://themeforest.net/user/mad_dog/portfolio saying power elite.