Elite Author 331

Hello everybody! Today I have become an elite author. I checked on Envato in January 2013. I worked for 4 years to reach this level. I have reached this level without file Featured, Featured author, I worked every day on new songs every day and did it with a soul. I will continue to make further Power Elite author and enter the upper hand in the tops. Thanks to all!

We are twin brothers and we 331


Cool photos! Congratulations, @331! You are twins - wow ))) :+1:

Thanks Rgba_design!

Very hard work indeed, especially because you weren’t featured or had a featured file to become Elite.
Congrats and keep it up.

Thanks Crivion

Congrats @331! Another example to show that hard work pays off.

Thanks SixideBeats!!!

Congrats man, you give me hope.


Thanks BlueBuddy!

You guys are amazing. Your strat is sexy. Congratulation for becoming elite :slight_smile: :tada:

Thanks Janxcode_team!!!

Congrats @331 :sparkles:

Thanks WildLion_Production!

Congratulations! Inspired man!)

Thanks DA-SonicPainter!

Congratulations! :grinning:

Thanks AzarThemes!!!

Congratulations! You have a fantastic portfolio!

Wow…Nice job @331…What is your bands name? Website?

Congrats twins, well done :slight_smile: