Elision Theme Constantly Attacked

I’m wondering if anyone here has had any experience with Elision constantly being hijacked. It seems like every 2 weeks, I’m dealing with someone doing a Javascript injection into the footer.php. I’ve changed write permissions, gone with stronger passwords, I can’t seem to stop them.

I could offer a job to secure your website, if you’re interested in

Make sure you have have the latest updates for:

  1. Wordpress.
  2. All the plugins
  3. Theme that you are using.

Most of the time this is caused by free plugins… so try to disable any other plugins that you have. If the problem persist then is either the server or the theme. Also pay attention to any other script you have on your server.

Ki-Themes, I might be interested in that, Can you message me with rates? Keep in mind it is for a volunteer fire company?

One thing I noticed, it’s always the same part of the site that gets attacked, the footer, well I noticed we had a google search box in the footer, and I did some research and it looks like there are some attacks that use a google search box.