Elementy Theme — WordPress adjustments

questions regarding Elementy theme by @abcgomel How do I -

  1. remove the sticky nav line from nav,

  2. remove drop shadow. both fixed and also when scrolling?

  3. make header logo centered?

  4. Adjust the type styles for CMS fancy box to a. different % sizes for different view ports i.e smaller for mobile. b. load other google fonts for the CMS fancy box?


Let me tag in the author of that theme for you @abcgomel

Also, you can check out their support information here - https://themeforest.net/item/elementy-multipurpose-one-multi-page-wordpress-theme/15778094/support



If you bought theme on the themeforest.net, please contact directly to support team (create topick at the forum - http://spyropress.com/forums/elementy-multipurpose-one-multi-page-wordpress-theme.html), they will give you the most detailed answer and help to solve problems. Thanks.

Direct at forum: http://spyropress.com/forums/elementy-multipurpose-one-multi-page-wordpress-theme.html – Here you can start your topick and ask questions. Forum at first priority.

Support available hour: Mon-Fri / 9 am-5pm (GMT + 7)
If you you will have any problems in the future, please contact directly to the support team.

In accordance with Envato rules, support provided only for buyers, who made a purchase on the themeforest.net website.

Full terms and conditions of the support you can read here - https://themeforest.net/page/item_support_policy

Kind regards

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Hello @abcgomel, I bought the theme on envato market ./ theme forest. I have asked this to you a few spots and you have directed me to spyropress, and also here which you are saying isnt suitable. Just trying to have help please?

Hello @KingDog, thanks for your reply. I have posted on that support page where @abcgomel directed me to http://spyropress.com/forums/elementy-multipurpose-one-multi-page-wordpress-theme.html where I posted questions. Here @abcgomel again directs me back to that. I also posted on the link you provided. Still awaiting help. thanks